About us

There’s a certain culture that surrounds the outdoors and the action/adventure sports that we take there. It’s this culture and community that we built Jackrabbitt for.

Getting out and doing stuff is something that is close to our hearts and we want to inspire others to do the same, getting out into the hills, lakes and seas, challenge people to do more, to see more and maybe even extra cheesily… be more.

Over the years, Jackrabbitt has helped to create awesome memories, seeing how sports and adventures can really effect peoples lives, connect people and make life more fun.

Our mission, that we’ve chosen to accept is to get people out having more fun and making more memories. If you’re already doing that, share it with us, help us inspire those that haven’t found that awesomeness yet. In the past we focussed on action sports and extreme sports as this was something we felt that connected people on a whole new level, but recently we discovered that it’s not the sports that were the connection, but the persons longing for adventure. Their willingness to go outside and get lost, to try something new, to push themselves for no other reason than they can.

This community of doers, is what made Jackrabbitt. This community of doers is what Jackrabbitt needs and wants to support.

Get up early. Push yourself. Have an awesome time doing it.