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Who are your heroes?

We all know them, the people that go out of their way to help other folk. The snowboarders that are competing against each other rushing to check if they’re alright after a big crash. The mountain bikers that cheer harder for their challengers than the rest of the fans. The surfers who get out of their van to help push start the old battered VW Beetle out of the wind rain and mud. The random person who hands you their spare inner tube and doesn’t expect a replacement. The Mum who drives for an hour to sit in the van while you go wakeboarding with your mates. The friend that takes you back to the chalet when you hurt yourself on the blue bird powder day despite everyone else running away. The real heroes.

This is your opportunity to give a little bit of something back to them, Kudos, whether you know them or not, write a comment on here, on Facebook, on Twitter, Instagram, even write a blog post on Jackrabbitt by clicking here.

Tell us who they are, and what they did that makes them awesome. 

It is people like this that makes our action sport community so strong, let’s spread the love!

A Bad Swim

Me, Rory and David arived at Cauldron snout to try and claim the Highest water decent… after scouting out and discussing lines Rory went first. Here is what happened….

“On the 2nd Jan 2014 Rory Woods ran Cauldron Snout on the River Tees (UK) and ended up taking a swim. Having successfully tackled the class V+ Cauldron Snout on several previous occasions Rory broke out of the top eddy and ran the Snout. Here are Rory’s unedited thoughts on what happened when it all went wrong.”

Carry on to read what Rory says here –

After watching Rory swim we decided to leave and come back another time with a larger safety team

Crammel Linn

A Local waterfall up in Gilsland, Great start to the morning at 8;30 AM

Stu Ridley

Cauldron Snout

This time last year I had seen a video of a well-known kayaker paddling a waterfall called Cauldron snout, This is England’s longest waterfall 590 feet long and drops a height of 200ft.

With all the progression i have had from the last year on the 17th November 2013 I found myself at the top of this waterfall in all my paddling kit along with 3 other boaters (two of which had done this before)

On my way up to the waterfall I had a slight accident involving my car on its side…Being so keen to paddle this we pushed it back on its wheels and carried on, not worrying about all the oil coming from my car.

Lee Royle fired up the waterfall first followed by Sam Ellis then Myself and finally Martyn Butler, We all had sweet lines but stopped halfway down.

Sam went first on the final drop and looking like he was on line at the lip that soon changed as he got halfway down, barrel rolling over the rocks the rest of us decided not to run it. The water level was abit low but good for the first time, Looking forward to doing this with more water soon.

Thanks to Martyn Butler and Lee Royle for the Photos

Martyn’s Blog –

And a huge thanks to Immersion Research and Fire-It-Up


I was wondering who might be up for a Movember facial hair challenge, Jackrabbitt style! Initial idea would be to raise sponsorship for the month culminating in a big mo-event at the end of the month. I was thinking the obligatory Snowboard session at xscape or chill factor or a BMX 80s style at Manchester BMX track, other ideas are welcome. Sponsorship wise all the money raised would go to the movember charity. I think that the entrant should pay for their own entry to the event at the end of the month, therefore maximising the amount going to the charity. An alternative scenario would be a multi event, doing several events in one day? What do you think people?

Jackrabbitt Fox Hunt

So we started the #jrfoxhunt last night, loads of people have sent their entries in already, it’s based in #carlisle so anyone in the area feel free to take part, all in the name of fun 🙂 Your first clue is shown on this page…don’t forget to tag #jrfoxhunt and let everyone know how you’re getting on. 

Task 1

See the morse code image on this page to see if you can crack the code, then email us your answer to to get your first set of results.

Task 2

We have misplaced the answers somewhere on this site,  all you need to do is have a look around and you will find them on one of the pages. You will know once you have found them, they are pretty obvious! 

Task 3

I’m where yesterday follows today, and tomorrow’s in the middle. What am I?
Email with your answer, if it’s right, we’ll give you your next set of letters.

Task 4

Remix the peices of the puzzle to find your next 2 letters.

Task 5

Here are your next 2 letters, pick the right one from each list, and add them to your others…one last set tomorrow!

  • Who worked with Nick Bayliss to start up mountain bike clothing company Royal Racing?
    A: Martyn Ashton
    M: Danny McAskill
    P: Steve Peat
    R: Hans Rey
  • Which of the following companies does snowbaorder Sebastien Toutant ride for?
    P: Protest
    N: Nike
    O: O’Neill
    S: Salomon

Task 6

For those of you in Carlisle, head to the following location, have a hunt around and see if you can find your last 2 letters: 54.89572 -2.94255. These are your last ones, so get them quick. (For those that can’t make it, email for an extra clue, you won’t win a prize, but you’ll get the satisfaction of finishing the hunt)

Final task

We will release the codebreaker tonight at 9PM (and wednesday for those that can’t make it down tonight). So bring your letters and bring your puzzle solving brains! First one to crack it and hand in a completed sheet after 9PM will win the first “JRFOXHUNT WINNERS TEE”…the 2 runners up will get milkshakes!